Degree Program Concentrations and Certificates

Bioengineering Certificate

The Bioengineering Certificate, which was approved for Spring 2018 and beyond, is open to those majoring in engineering disciplines including Mechanical Engineering. To complete this certificate a Mechanical Engineering student will also need to complete their ME degree. The Bioengineering Certificate can be completed with the same requirements as the Biomechanical Concentration, but also has more flexibility, such as substitution of a course with undergraduate research. When completed, a notation of the Bioengineering Certificate will appear on the student's course transcript.

Biomechanics Concentration

A Biomechanics Concentration can be earned by following choosing a few specific courses in this area. The BS is still 128 credit hours in length, but the List 1 and List 2 course choices are limited to those shown when you select Biomechanical Engineering under Useful Links on the Curriculum page and the senior design track must be Biomechanical (ME 643). Upon completion of this plan, the Biomechanics Concentration will be noted on your degree transcript.

Pre-Medical Concentration

For those planning to use the BS-ME to then apply to medical school, the ME Department has a 143 credit hour program which provides that preparation. The plan is outlined on the Curriculum Page under Useful Links.