Transfer Students

Shown on the website are admissions criteria (e.g., GPA, ACT, and SAT) for transfer students. The University accepts,and will place on the student’s permanent KU record, credits for all academic courses taken at an accredited college or university. Vocational and technical institute courses are excluded. Course transfer equivalency from almost any university in the US, and a large number of international universities, can be found at the CredTran site. It is advised that potential students take only those courses which directly transfer as specific KU courses having a department and a number (e.g., ENGL 101 and MATH 125), because others may transfer as ‘general’ courses (e.g., ENGL U and MATH N) but not be acceptable as substitutions for the specific KU courses required for the KU-ME BS degree. Refer to Degree Curriculum.

Even though courses have been accepted by KU and placed on a student’s permanent record, some of these courses will not apply toward a degree in engineering, as specified by the following:

  1. Courses in which the grade was lower than C, or which were graded credit/no-credit or pass/fail.
  2. More than 64 hours from community or junior colleges.
  3. Courses in advanced engineering science or engineering design unless they were taken in an engineering program accredited by ABET.

Important note: it is required that the last 30 credit hours of your degree program be taken on the KU campus. For this time period, exceptions must be petitioned and approved in advance of taking off-campus courses that you plan to transfer for your degree program.