Advising and Enrollment


All Engineering undergraduate students have an Engineering Advising Hold (EAH) placed on their account each semester. To remove the hold, you will need to make an advising appointment with your Academic Advisor through Jayhawk GPS. Please schedule your appointment well before your enrollment time. Your advisor will clear your EAH hold after your advising appointment. Once your enrollment window opens, you can enroll in classes through Enroll & Pay. If you have other questions regarding your degree progress, technical electives, career paths, etc. please contact your faculty mentor, any ME faculty member, or the ME Department Undergraduate Program Coordinator.

What to Expect at the Advising Appointment

All Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students have a digital Plan of Study document to plan and track their progression through the degree. A new student’s Plan of Study will be created either during their initial advising period or during their first semester in the program. You, your JAA (Jayhawk Academic Advising) advisor, and the ME Department Undergraduate Program Coordinator have access to update this plan at any time in the semester. Make sure to prepare for your advising appointment by updating your Plan of Study and having any questions prepared beforehand.


You can check the Schedule of Classes site to confirm course offerings each semester. The ME Department will send updated electives lists each semester prior to enrollment. Typically, enrollment for the upcoming Spring semester begins shortly after Fall Break, and enrollment for upcoming Summer and Fall semesters is shortly after Spring Break. Please note that you may have other holds, parking fines, library fines, immunization, etc. that prevent you from enrolling until cleared.

You can find more information about advising on the School of Engineering advising page.