Advising and Enrollment

Departmental Advising

The faculty, the Director of Undergraduate programs, and others stand ready to talk with students regarding their career direction/choices as well as current academic issues. Students may email the ME Office at for an appointment.

Selection of Courses for Enrollment

This process occurs during the semester before the semester for which students are enrolling. Students receive an email from the ME Office for Athletes, Honors, Self and all other students to sign up for meetings with faculty or the Undergraduate Staff Advisor. In addition, there is a pre-course-selection session which is offered early in each semester. By attending this session, students may choose to self-select courses in which to enroll for the next semester - - without direct ME faculty/staff assistance. After either meeting with an enrollment advisor or by choosing to self-select courses, students may enroll on-line at/after their first date/time to enroll - - which is specified in their Portal.

Online Enrollment

Get online, not in line! Students at the University of Kansas enroll for classes via a secure internet portal available to them 24 hours a day. Each student is assigned an "enrollment appointment time," after which she/he may enroll, add or drop classes at his/her convenience from her/his home computer. Permissions to enroll are issued to engineering students after they have completed their departmental advising. Other online services include:

  • Update Your Address
  • View Your Demographic Information
  • View Your Holds
  • View Your Enrollment Appointment
  • Search the Catalog & Schedule of Classes
  • Enroll/Add/Drop
  • View Your Class Schedule
  • Select KU Optional Campus Fees
  • View and Pay Your Tuition & Fees Assessment
  • Create Guardian/Parent Access to your Financial Account