Senior Design Options

All projects have realistic job-comparable requirements, based upon a mix of possible sponsors: for-profit companies, inventors, medical institutions, philanthropic organizations, research programs, and national competitions. Since all but the national competitions change dramatically every semester/year, it is not possible to specify these projects more than a few weeks in advance of any given semester at which specific projects start.


Projects which systematically develop an optimized product which successfully meets/addresses a specific Sponsor’s needs. ME 640 and ME 641 are taken for these projects.


Projects related to systematic development of a product which fits into the medical field. ME 633, ME 640 and ME 643 are taken for these projects.


Projects related to systematic development of a product which is related to the conservation of energy usage and/or protection of the environment. ME 640 and ME 641 are taken for these projects.

The concept of the EcoHawks capstone design class began with a challenge to students to take the theory they learned in class and apply societal objectives to deliver designs that make a real difference in the stewardship of our environment and how we preserve our natural resources. The specific focus involves a sustainable approach to automobiles and energy infrastructure. For this option, students take ME 640 in the first semester and ME 641 in the second semester.

Student constructed electric bikes housed within the EcoHawks’ own built solar photovoltaic charging station


(stringent National Competition): systematically develop a race vehicle which most successfully addresses all requirements for the Competition. ME 627 and ME 642 are taken for this project. The KU-ME Formula Team’s (Jayhawk Motorsports) record of achievement over the past several years can be found on the SAE International website with other information Jayhawk Motorsports.