The Profession

Who Recruits KU Mechanical Engineers?

In 2015, 308 individual companies posted job positions at KU, attended a KU career fair, or participated in on-campus interviews at KU with the specific objective to hire mechanical engineering students. In addition, an estimated 100 universities posted positions at KU with the specific objective to recruit our undergraduate students to their graduate programs. In 2015, 135 KU mechanical engineering students were granted degrees (BS, MS, and PhD).

Occupational Outlook and Salary Information

Information is available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Where do KU Mechanical Engineers Work?

Mechanical engineers use principles of mechanics and energy to develop, design, manufacture, and test tools, machines, motors, new materials, engines and other devices. They are involved with power-producing machines and develop power-consuming machines. They also work in the fields of medicine and law, management, forensics, the environment, and many others.