Premedical Plan

KU Mechanical Engineering 
Premedical Plan 
146 credit hours required

Mechanical Engineering students interested in completing the pre-requisites for medical school can accomplish this by completing a minimum of eighteen (18) additional credit hours beyond the normal KUME curriculum. Typically, medical schools require a minimum of one academic year of biology (BIOL 150 and BIOL 152), one academic year of chemistry (CHEM 130 and CHEM 135), one academic year of organic chemistry (CHEM 330, CHEM 331, CHEM 335, CHEM 336), one academic year of English (ENGL 101 and ENGL 102), one academic year of mathematics (Math 125 and Math 126), and one academic year of physics (PHSX 211, PHSX 216, PHSX 212, and PHSX 236). A few medical schools also require a course in biochemistry (BIOL 636) and/or additional coursework in biology.

Several of these required classes are counted as Mechanical Engineering required credits as shown below:

  • ENGL 101 and ENGL 102: required in the ME curriculum
  • PHSX 211, 212, 216, and 236: required in the ME curriculum
  • MATH 125 and MATH 126: required in the ME curriculum
  • CHEM 130: counts as the Chemistry requirement
  • CHEM 135: five credit hours of List 2 elective

The additional classes that are required for completion of minimal medical school requirements that cannot be counted in the ME curriculum include: BIOL 152 (3 credit hours), CHEM 330 (3 credit hours), CHEM 331 (2 credit hours) and CHEM 335 (3 credit hours), and CHEM 336 (2 credit hours). These additional requirements can be fulfilled in four years if the student takes courses during summers. It is recommended that all biology and chemistry coursework be taken prior to the MCAT exam (which is typically taken in the Junior year).